62 Pride that is top Quotes Sayings. Maintaining your pride and having absolutely nothing or using a danger and possibly, possibly having every thing.

62 Pride that is top Quotes Sayings. Maintaining your pride and having absolutely nothing or using a danger and possibly, possibly having every thing.

Pride is a sense of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s achievements that are own the achievements of one’s close associates, or from characteristics or belongings which can be commonly admired.

1. Pride may be the mask of your own faults Anonymous

2. It really is impossible, stated pride, it is dangerous, stated experience, it is useless, stated explanation, test it out for, whispered one's heart Anonymous

3. If they are keeping their pride, their ego and their excuses as Dating in your 40s dating free opposed to keeping you, it is the right time to let it go Anonymous

4. My pride fell with my fortunes. William Shakespeare

5. All anybody asks for is to be able to use pride. W. Edwards

6. In the event your pride is larger than your heart along with your ego is larger than your face, develop or perhaps you will be alone for a lifetime. Anonymous

7. Pride kills relationships Anonymous

8. Pride is religious cancer tumors it consumes within the very risk of love, or contentment, or also good sense. C. S. Lewis

9. You simply can't hold the head high along with your give fully out Anonymous

10. You need to determine whats most significant for you. Dan Humphrey

11. Pride can be involved with that is appropriate. Humility can be involved as to what is appropriate. Ezra Taft Benson

12. Pride Works Prior To The Fall. Remain Humble Anonymous

13. Pride will encourage one to scream -that's just the way in which we am- in hopes you'll not hear the whisper that is soft of asking-Yes, it is that the manner in which you should really be? Anonymous

14. The nobler the blood the less the pride Anonymous


16. Pride and poverty aren't getting along, but usually reside together Anonymous

17. Often you need to shut up, swallow fully your pride and accept that you’re incorrect. It is perhaps not stopping, it is called growing up. Anonymous

18. Walang Lason Ang Pride Hindi Ka Mamamatay Kapag Kinain Mo Yan. Tonee cruz

19. Silence just isn't weakness and decency just isn't pride. Arthur Machen

20. You are missed by me so Much But My Pride Wont I Want To Say It Anonymous

21. It is fine to get rid of your pride over somebody you like. Do not lose somebody you like over your pride Anonymous

22. Many relationships fail because couples battle with pride significantly more than it works with love Anonymous

23. Pride erects a small kingdom of the|kingdom that is little of} very own, and will act as sovereign in it. William Hazlitt

24. We get up on this rostrum with a feeling of deep humility and great pride — humility into the wake of the great US architects of your history who possess stood here before me personally; pride within the expression that this forum of legislative debate represents peoples freedom within the purest kind yet developed Douglas MacArthur

25. Swallow fully your pride periodically, it's maybe not fattening. Frank Tyger

26. That ain't likely to take place. We have pride that is too much everything we're doing. We are specialists. We will behave like experts. Tom Trkulja

27. If pride is really what goes before a fall, the pity is exactly what keeps you against waking up after one. Max lucado

28. Generally speaking, pride has reached the base of all mistakes that are great. John Ruskin

29. Allow pride get afore, pity will follow once. George Chapman

30. Snobbery may be the pride of these that are maybe not clear on their place. Berton Braley

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