Day 3 Of Emirates D20 Tournament: Check Out All Highlights and Match Report
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Day 3 Of Emirates D20 Tournament: Check Out All Highlights and Match Report

Highlights of Match 7 - Abu Dhabi vs Dubai   It was a one-sided affair at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium today as Dubai claimed two easy points in the 7th match of Emirates D20 against Abu Dhabi. Chasing a low target of 108 runs, Dubai cruised to victory in just 13.1 overs, losing two wickets in the process.    After a break of three days at the tournament, Abu Dhabi won the toss and decided to bat first. Abu Dhabi batters never looked in control as the team finished at 107/9 at the end of 20 overs. Osama Hasan Shah and Jishnu Vattekkatt Balan were the top contributors with scores of 31 and 20 runs, respectively. It was Tahir Latif and Omer Farooq from Dubai who broke the back of Abu Dhabi, claiming four and three wickets each in their quotas of four overs.   
Abu Dhabi Innings Runs Balls Fours Sixes Strike Rate 
Kai Smith St Adnaan K b Tahir L 13 22 59.09 
Aaryan Madani c †Adnaan K b Omer F 33.33 
Midhun Sudhakar Pattlikkadan* c †Adnaan K b Omer F 62.5 
Osama Hasan Shah c Punya M b Tahir L 31 34 91.18 
Mazhar Bashir b Tahir L 15 187.5 
Soorya Sathish c †Adnaan K b Omer F 14 15 93.33 
Pasindu Wanniarachchi lbw b Tahir L 12.5 
Jishnu Vattekkatt Balan c Punya M b Ali N 20 16 125 
Karthik Nagendran not out 25 
Ben Willgoss run out (Syed H/Adnaan K) 100 
Extras (b 1 lb 0 w 3 nb 0 )     
Total 107 (9 wickets, 20.0 overs)      
Did not bat: Matiullah Khan 
Dubai Bowling Overs Runs Wickets Economy 
Omer Farooq 21 5.25 
Nilansh Keswani 15 3.75 
Ali Naseer 27 6.75 
Tahir Latif 25 6.25 
Muhammad Hassan 
Shahrukh Sheikh* 
  Coming in with a target of 108 runs on the board, Dubai were clinical throughout their innings. Opener Adnaan Khan took the team to a flying start with a knock of 26 runs off 11 balls with the help of three fours and two sixes. Syed Haider Shah, the other opener, steadied the ship with a gritty half-century as produced a knock of 55 runs from 41 deliveries. Shah hit seven boundaries and two sixes in his innings. Mazhar Bashir (1) and Jishnu Vattekkatt Balan (1) were the only wickets takers for Abu Dhabi.   
Dubai Innings Runs Balls Fours Sixes Strike Rate 
Adnaan Khan c Pasindu W b Mazhar B 26 11 236.36 
Syed Haider Shah not out 55 41 134.15 
Ronak Panoly c Kai S b Jishnu V 100 
Punya Mehra not out 20 25 80 
Extras (b 0 lb 0 w 5 nb 0 )     
Total 108 (2 wickets, 13.1 overs)      
Did not bat: Tahir Latif, Omer Farooq, Ali Naseer, Nilansh Keswani, Shahrukh Sheikh*, Bilal Cheema, Muhammad Hassan 
Abu Dhabi Bowling Overs Runs Wickets Economy 
Matiullah Khan 24 12 
Karthik Nagendran 19 9.5 
Mazhar Bashir 35 8.75 
Jishnu Vattekkatt Balan 
Midhun Sudhakar Pattlikkadan* 3.1 21 6.63 
Pasindu Wanniarachchi 
  The second match of the day will be played between Ajman and ECB Blues. While ECB Blues are currently the table-toppers with three wins in as many games, Ajman are placed at the third spot with two points courtesy of a solitary win in two games.    Highlights of Match 8 – Ajman vs ECB Blues    ECB Blues beat ran rout of Ajman in the 8th game of Emirates D20 Dubai International Cricket Stadium. Ajman's total of 93 proved to be a cakewalk for ECB Blues as the latter chased down the target in 12.5 overs only. With another win under their belt, ECB Blues continue to dominate the tournament and retain the top spot on the table.    Having on the toss, Ajman chose bat first and failed miserably to put a decent score on the board as the entire side got out for 93 runs. The first half of the match saw Asif Khan scoring the most amount of runs for Ajman. Khan played a knock of 31 runs, which he made in 29 balls with the help of 2 fours and a six. As many as seven Ajman batsmen failed to reach double figures. For ECB Blues, it was once again the 18-yr-old Aryan Lakra who stunned the opposition with a spell of 8/4 in his four overs.   
Ajman Innings Runs Balls Fours Sixes Strike Rate 
 Abdul Shakoor c Kartik M b Zahoor K 10 11 90.91 
 Nasir Aziz c Basil H b Zahoor K 
 Asif Khan c Junaid S b Aryan L 31 29 106.9 
 Rameez Shahzad c †Ateeq U b Waheed A 87.5 
 Waqas Ali c †Ateeq U b Aryan L 16 13 123.08 
 Amjad Gul Khan c Rizwan C b Aryan L 
 Ehtesham Siddiq c Waheed A b Aryan L 55.56 
 Hamad Arshad c †Ateeq U b Basil H 55.56 
 Sheraz Piya c Rizwan C b Basil H 11 137.5 
 Zuhaib Zubair run out (Basil H/Ateeq U) 16.67 
 Shareef Asadullah* not out 50 
Extras (b 0 lb 4 w 2 nb 0 )     
Total 93 (10 wickets, 16.5 overs)      
ECB Blues Bowling Overs Runs Wickets Economy 
Junaid Siddique 13 4.33 
Zahoor Khan 4.5 
Waheed Ahmad 15 7.5 
Kartik Meiyappan 26 8.67 
Aryan Lakra 
Basil Hameed* 2.5 18 6.35 
    ECB Blue didn't break a sweat in chasing the total down. A 51-run opening partnership between openers Vriitya Aravind and Rizwan Cp made sure ECB Blues cruised towards victory. While Aravind struck a quick-fire 28, Rizwan CP scored a patient 33 off 31 during his stay at the crease. Ali Shan Sharafu with his knock of 22 runs gave the finishing touch to the chase. Sheraz Piya and skipper Shareef Asadullah with one wicket each were the sole wicket takers for Ajman in the second innings.     
ECB Blues Innings Runs Balls Fours Sixes Strike Rate 
 Vriitya Aravind c †Abdul S b Sheraz P 28 16 175 
 Rizwan Cp not out 33 31 106.45 
 Ansh Tandon c Shareef A b Shareef A 20 
 Ali Shan Sharafu not out 22 26 84.62 
Extras (b 4 lb 2 w 3 nb 1 ) 10     
Total 94 (2 wickets, 12.5 overs)      
Did not bat: Junaid Siddique, Kartik Meiyappan, Aryan Lakra, Basil Hameed*, Ateeq Ur Rehman, Waheed Ahmad, Zahoor Khan 
Ajman Bowling Overs Runs Wickets Economy 
Sheraz Piya 3.5 25 6.52 
Shareef Asadullah* 15 7.5 
Ehtesham Siddiq 15 15 
Hamad Arshad 17 5.67 
Zuhaib Zubair 16 5.33 
    The 3rd match of day three will see Fujairah taking on Abu Dhabi at the same venue. While Fujairah will be coming from a win against Dubai, Abu Dhabi are fresh from a loss against the same side.    Highlights of Match 9 – Fujairah vs Abu Dhabi    It was another comfortable win on day 3 of the Emirates D20. In what was a day full of one-sided affairs, a target of 182 runs proved to be a task too difficult for Abu Dhabi as Fujairah made it three out of three with a win by 48 runs in the 9th game of the tournament.  133 was all that Abu Dhabi batters could manage in response of Fujairah's 182 backed by a stunning century by Waseem Muhammad.    Fujairah put on an amazing batting display in the first innings, scoring 181 runs for the loss of 3 wickets in their 20 overs. Waseem Muhammad became the first centurion of Emirates 2020 as he smashed 101 runs with the help of 9 fours and 3 sixes during his stay at the crease. Muhammed Naeem and captain Ahmed Raza supported the centurion with their knocks of 28 and 31 runs, respectively. For Abu Dhabi, Mudassir Hussain, Navalesh Naidoo, and Mazhar Bashir grabbed one wicket each.   
Fujairah Innings Runs Balls Fours Sixes Strike Rate 
 Rohan Mustafa b Mudassir H 10 17 58.82 
 Waseem Muhammad not out 101 60 168.33 
 Usman Khan b Navalesh N 125 
 Muhammed Naeem c Pasindu W b Mazhar B 28 23 121.74 
 Ahmed Raza* not out 31 16 193.75 
Extras (b 0 lb 2 w 4 nb 0 )     
Total 181 (3 wickets, 20 overs)      
Did not bat: Muhammad Farooq, Sandy Sandeep, Luqman Hazrat, Maroof Merchant, Hamdan Tahir, Akif Raja 
Abu Dhabi Bowling Overs Runs Wickets Economy 
Mudassir Hussain 26 6.5 
Navalesh Naidoo 31 7.75 
Jishnu Vattekkatt Balan 37 18.5 
Mazhar Bashir 22 5.5 
Paresh Katkar 
Midhun Sudhakar Pattlikkadan* 45 11.25 
Pasindu Wanniarachchi 
  Abu Dhabi started off poorly in their chase, losing both their openers in the powerplay itself. The chase never looked like reaching the destination as Akif Raja, Luqman Hazrat, and Rohan Mustafa bowled some tight line and lengths and never allowed Abu Dhabi batsmen to free their arms. Skipper Midhun Sudhakar Pattlikkadan was the top scorer for Abu Dhabi. He scored 40 off 31 on the back of two boundaries and as many sixes. With bowling figures of 10/2, Akif Raja was the most successful bowler for Fujairah.   
Abu Dhabi Innings Runs Balls Fours Sixes Strike Rate 
 Paresh Katkar c Maroof M b Akif R 
 Kai Smith c Maroof M b Akif R 11 10 110 
 Aaryan Madani run out (Luqman H/Hamdan T) 20 25 
 Midhun Sudhakar Pattlikkadan* b Muhammad F 40 31 129.03 
 Mazhar Bashir c Luqman H b Muhammed N 38 29 131.03 
 Pasindu Wanniarachchi not out 25 28 89.29 
 Sahil Sunil Hariani not out 
Extras (b 0 lb 2 w 12 nb 0 ) 14     
Total 133 (5 wickets, 20 overs)      
Did not bat: Ben Willgoss, Navalesh Naidoo, Mudassir Hussain, Jishnu Vattekkatt Balan 
Bowling Overs Runs Wickets Economy 
Akif Raja 10 3.33 
Luqman Hazrat 15 3.75 
Waseem Muhammad 14 14 
Maroof Merchant 26 8.67 
Ahmed Raza* 
Muhammad Farooq 27 6.75 
Rohan Mustafa 17 5.67 
Muhammed Naeem 13 13 
  With three wins and six points in their kitty, Fujairah now sit second on the points table. Abu Dhabi on the other hand, are still winless and placed at the bottom of the table with zero points from four matches.   
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