Day 2 Of Emirates D20 Tournament: Check Out All Highlights and Match Report
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Day 2 Of Emirates D20 Tournament: Check Out All Highlights and Match Report

Playing their second game of the tournament, Fujairah grabbed two more points and moved to the first position on the table. Having won the toss, Fujairah invited Dubai to bat first and restricted the opponents at 119/7. Fujairah in their response chased down the target in 19.1 overs for the loss of 6 wickets.

The first innings saw Dubai set a low target of 120 runs for the in-form Fujairah. Captain Shahrukh Sheikh's knock of 38 runs was given little support by other batsmen from the side. Akif Raja, Aayan Afzal Khan, and skipper Ahmed Raza bowled some tight line and lengths and picked up 5 wickets in combined for Fujairah.

Dubai InningsRunsBallsFoursSixesStrike Rate
 Ronak PanolySt Hamdan T b Aayan Afzal K4100040
 Adnaan KhanSt Hamdan T b Aayan Afzal K10141071.43
 Shahrukh Sheikh*c †Hamdan T b Sabir R382723140.74
 Muhammad Usmanc Muhammad F b Ahmed R12170070.59
 Punya Mehrac Sandy S b Muhammad F14190073.68
 Omer Farooqc Waseem M b Akif R141301107.69
 Muhammad Hassannot out111110100
 Tahir Latifc Muhammed N b Akif R03000
 Saqib Manshadnot out8610133.33
Extras(b 1 lb 1 w 6 nb 0 )8
Total119 (7 wickets, 20overs)
Did not bat: Rahul Bhatia, Nilansh Keswani

Fujairah BowlingOversRunsWicketsEconomy
Aayan Afzal Khan42325.75
Akif Raja41724.25
Sabir Rao21819
Rohan Mustafa43208
Ahmed Raza*41213
Muhammad Farooq21517.5

Fujairah completed their chase in 19.1 overs and lost as many as 6 wickets in the process. Rohan Mustafa, one of the many UAE national cricketers at the Emirates D20, steadied the ship for Fujairah with a vital knock of 62 runs off 53 balls. Tahir Latif was the pick of the bowlers for Dubai as he finished with figures of 16/3 from his four overs.

Fujairah InningsRunsBallsFoursSixesStrike Rate
 Waseem Muhammadc Punya M b Omer F13191068.42
 Rohan Mustafarun out (Muhammad H)625351116.98
 Usman Khanc Tahir L b Tahir L10141071.43
 Muhammad Farooqlbw b Tahir L03000
 Muhammed NaeemSt Adnaan K b Tahir L370042.86
 Sandy Sandeepc Punya M b Muhammad H161610100
 Ahmed Raza*not out3200150
 Hamdan Tahirnot out2100200
Extras(b 0 lb 1 w 10 nb 0 )11
Total120 (6 wickets, 19.1 overs)120
Did not bat: Aayan Afzal Khan, Sabir Rao, Akif Raja

Dubai BowlingOversRWEcon
Saqib Manshad32709
Nilansh Keswani2.12109.69
Omer Farooq41914.75
Rahul Bhatia41704.25
Tahir Latif41634
Muhammad Hassan21919.5

Ajman and Sharjah will lock horns in the 5th match of the tournament at 5PM (GST) at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. Ajman won their first game yesterday against Abu Dhabi, while Sharjah will be coming from a loss against Fujairah.

Highlights of Match 5: Ajman vs Sharjah

Sharjah secured a comfortable victory chasing 129 runs against Ajman on the second day of Emirates D20. Ajman's decision to bat first didn't go well and the team was convincingly defeated after a strong show in the first game. Ajman and Sharjah sit on the third and fourth spot, respectively, on the points table.

With the toss in their favour, Ajman decided to put runs on the board. The team, however, could only reach  a total of128 runs for 5 wickets after 20 overs. The side was assisted by the contributions of Abdul Shakoor and Rameez Shahzad, who both scored 38 runs apiece. In terms of the bowling in the first innings, Kashif Daud and Faisal Altaf were the top-performers with 2 wickets apieace.

Ajman InningsRunsBallsFoursSixesStrike Rate
Abdul Shakoorc †Fayyaz A b Faisal A38494077.55
Asif Khanc Arsalan J b Kashif D140025
Waqas Alib Umair A580062.5
Rameez Shahzadc Kashif D b Faisal A383441111.76
Amjad Gul Khannot out181201150
Sultan Ahmadc Yuvraj B b Kashif D140025
Nasir Aziznot out11910122.22
Extras(b 3 lb 4 w 9 nb 0)16
Total128 (5 wickets, 20 overs)
Did not bat: Shareef Asadullah*, Anand Kumar, Rishab Mukherjee, Sheraz Piya

Sharjah BowlingOMWEcon
Hafeez Rahman41503.75
Kashif Daud41423.5
Arsalan Javed42205.5
Umair Ali43719.25
Badiuzzama Sayed221010.5
Faisal Altaf21226

In their response to the chase, Sharhan were on track from the word get go. With notable contributions from the top order, including Khalid Shah (30), Renjth Mani (31), and skipper Fayyaz Ahmad (33), Sharjah made light work of the target of 129 runs as the chase finished in 16.1 overs. Nasir Aziz from Ajman was the pick of the bowlers as he bowled a spell of 30/2.

Sharjah InningsRunsBallsFoursSixesStrike Rate
Khalid Shahc Rameez S b Nasir A301432214.29
 Renjth Manib Nasir A312811110.71
Fayyaz Ahmad*c Rameez S b Shareef A332641126.92
Mohammed Halan Mohammed Harrisc Waqas A b Sheraz P280025
Umair Alinot out201302153.85
Kashif Daudnot out8800100
Extras(b 0 lb 2 w 3 nb 0)5
Total129 (4 wickets, 16.1 overs)
Did not bat: Hafeez Rahman, Arsalan Javed, Yuvraj Barua, Badiuzzama Sayed, Faisal Altaf

Sultan Ahmad42406
Shareef Asadullah*332110.67
Sheraz Piya43117.75
Nasir Aziz43027.5
Rameez Shahzad1.11008.57

The last competition of day 2 of the Emirates D20 will be played between ECB Blues and Dubai at the same venue, i.e., Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

Highlights of Match 6 - Dubai vs ECB Blues

In the sixth match on day two of Emirates D20, ECB Blues cruised to victory against Dubai. ECB Blues proved their decision of fielding first absolutely correct as they bowled some tight line and lengths, not allowing Dubai batsmen to free their hands. Chasing a modest target of 129 runs, ECB Blues achieved the total in 19 overs for the loss of 3 wickets.

Asked to bat first, Dubai scored 128 runs in their 20 overs, losing 7 wickets in the process. Both the openers Rudra Mahadev and Punya Mehra returned to the pavilion by the second over itself. Muhammad Usman was the top scorer with 48 runs off 38 balls. Usman, who struck two boundaries and three sixes in his knock, received little support from the late middle order while dragging his team to a total of 128. Kartik Meiyappan picked three wickets in his four overs. Sanchit Sharma, Basil Hameed, and Aryan Lakra grabbed one wicket each.

Dubai InningsRunsBallsFoursSixesStrike Rate
 Rudra Mahadevc †Vriitya A b Sanchit S140025
 Punya Mehrarun out (Kartik M)4400100
 Shahrukh Sheikh*c Fahad N b Basil H9201045
 Muhammad Usmanc Ansh T b Kartik M483823126.32
 Bilal Cheemac Ali Shan S b Aryan L16902177.78
 Omer Farooqb Kartik M16190184.21
 Muhammad Hassannot out161320123.08
 Ali Naseerc Fahad N b Kartik M450080
 Tahir Latifnot out10801125
Extras(b 0 lb 2 w 2 nb 0 )4
Total128 (7 wickets, 20.0 overs)128
Did not bat: Rahul Bhatia,  Nilansh Keswani

ECB Blues BowlingOversRunsWicketsEconomy
Zahoor Khan42506.25
Sanchit Sharma31715.67
Waheed Ahmad42406
Basil Hameed*21919.5
Aryan Lakra32418
Kartik Meiyappan41734.25

ECB Blues chased the target comfortably in 19 overs. Ali Shan Sharafu top scored with 48 runs, hitting three sixes and a boundary during his stay at the crease. Captain Basil Hameed also contributed with the bat as he scored a quick-fire 26 from just 18 balls. Hameed struck one six and a boundary. From the bowling side, Nilansh Keswani, Ali Naseer, and Tahir Latif clinched one wicket apiece for Dubai. Rahul Bhatia was the most expensive bowler, conceding 46 runs in his quota of four overs.

ECB Blues InningsRB4's6'sSR
 Vriitya Aravindc Rudra M b Ali N191811105.56
 Rizwan Cpc Ali N b Nilansh K16240166.67
 Ansh Tandonb Tahir L15201075
 Ali Shan Sharafunot out483413141.18
 Basil Hameed*not out261811144.44
Extras(b 0 lb 0 w 5 nb 0 )5
Total129 (3 wickets, 19.0 overs)129
Did not bat: Fahad Nawaz, Kartik Meiyappan, Aryan Lakra, Sanchit Sharma, Waheed Ahmad, Zahoor Khan

Omer Farooq31906.33
Nilansh Keswani41614
Ali Naseer31414.67
Tahir Latif42616.5
Rahul Bhatia446011.5
Muhammad Hassan1808

The six teams will now take a break of three days before taking the field again on 11 December. After the break, Dubai and Abu Dhabi will lock horns in the first match at 1 PM (GST) on 11 December at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.
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