Google Maps: New Look & features on its 15th Birthday!
February 7, 2020 | By - Neelam Motwani

Google Maps: New Look & features on its 15th Birthday!

The Big Picture: Google Maps celebrates its 15th anniversary. What began with an idea to mapping the entire world in a small shell, has become a necessity for many.

Not all that long ago, crafting maps on a piece of paper was an ideal way to move from point A to B. But now, point A and point B are mere clips on Google maps, assisting people with live traffic updates and alternate routes to reach one’s destination. 

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Google Maps was announced on 8th February 2005 on its official blog. The then Product Manager Bret Taylor, suggested looking for “hotels near LAX” by dragging and clicking the map without any download image. 

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Speaking of Internet before Google Maps, it was instrumental in providing directors before smartphones earned ubiquitous title, but tweaked in a different manner.

If one is to go back in time, before the mass adaptation of the Internet, the horror of navigation, by ‘reading’ the map and relying the directions to reach a destination was exhausting in its own way. 


In today’s day, Google Maps is titled, as the most popular navigation application in the world with a wider margin of understanding the smart tool.

Our life is simply incomplete without Google Maps. It helps us find best routes to our destination, irrespective of our mode of transport. Happy Birthday Google Maps. Here’s to many more!

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