Highlights: India PM Narendra Modi addressed nation on 14th April 2020
April 14, 2020 | By - Raghav Gupta

Highlights: India PM Narendra Modi addressed nation on 14th April 2020

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation on 14 April 2020 at 10 am (IST). He is expected to talk about the 21-day state-mandated COVID-19 lockdown that will enter its final day on 14 April. India’s national capital New Delhi and financial capital Mumbai are both severely hit by the virus outbreak while many smaller towns and cities are untouched by the pandemic.  The Prime Minister could propose an extension, a phased lifting of the lockdown or a colour code divided action where measures are decided based on codes assigned to zones. Red for hotspots, yellow for zones with COVID-19 cases, and green for zones with no infections.

Live Updates from PM Modi’s address to India:

(10:24)- Please stay where you are and follow the Coronavirus lockdown till 3 May 2020. With this, I pray for the good health of your family. (10:23)-  7. Respect the Doctors, Policemen, and Health workers who are fighting on the frontline as Corona warriors for the country. 6. Do not sack employees. 5. Take care of poor people wherever possible. 4. Download Arogya Setu app and make other people aware of it. (10:22)-  3. Follow guidelines issued by Ayush ministry to increase immunity.  2. Practice social distancing and use homemade cloth face masks. 1. Please take care of elders, those with existing medical conditions should be given special care. (10:21)- I seek your support for 7 things before ending this speech. (10:20)- India now has 220 testing labs, the country has come a long way from a single testing facility. The country now has more than 100,000 beds for Coronaavirus patients treatment. India may have limited resources but I urge scientific community f India to come forward to build a Coronavirus vaccine. (10:18)- Rabi harvesting season has come and farmers are being supported by states and central government for related activities. (10:17)- The government will release an extensive guideline tomorrow. My priorities include providing ease of food and employment to poor and backward area people of the country. (10:16)- Places with a decrease in cases or with no cases may be given relaxation after 20 May 2020. But these relaxations will be given with extended terms. Even if a single case emerges in these places, the relaxation will be taken back in such case. (10:15)- We shall stop conversion of unaffected places into hotspots and hence next one week will be more hard for the Coronavirus lockdown. Every police station area, district, town and village will be assessed for their Coronavirus functioning. (10:14)- It is my humble request to everyone, we shall not allow Coronavirus to infect a single person on local level. We shall now mark the hotspots and take measures accordingly with more preventive measures. (10:13)- India extends nationwide lockdown until 3 May 2020 (10:12)- We have conducted many discussions with state government on future of lockdown and to ease problems of citizens. Most states and citizens have suggested increasing the lockdown. (10:11)- Everyone has shown courage and has displayed utmost discipline in containing the outbreak. But with even these measures, the spread of Coronavirus in other countries has alarmed WHO and global organisations. (10:10)- Had India not taken a holistic approach than these numbers would have been worse. Social distancing and lockdown have benefitted the country in many ways. In an economic sense, this lockdown has been expensive but it cannot be compared to the lives of people. (10:09)- It is also a reality that India is in a very good condition compared to most developed nations around the world. Such countries have experienced a increase of 25 to 30 times more than India. (10:07)- India had started screening of incoming airport passengers even before the first case originated. India announced the 21day lockdown even before there were less than 550 cases. We did not wait for the problem to arise. Instead, we took immediate steps to control the outbreak and problems. (10:05)- Everyone is aware of the Global Coronavirus effect, India has been fairly successful in controlling in the Coronavirus pandemic (10:04)- It is festival time in every part of the country, India is a land of festivals where all year round we see many festivals. I appreciate how people are following lockdown measures amid the ongoing festival season. (10:02)- Like a disciplined soldier, citizens are obeying their duties. Our consitution has a phrase, ‘We the people of India’. Our strength lies in our unity and this unity is a tribute to Babasaheb BR Ambedkar. I salute Babasaheb on behalf of every citizen. (10:01)- Citizens have saved the country and community with their sacrifice. I know how many hardships citizens are facing, I know your difficulties (10:00)- PM Modi starts the speech wearing a cloth made facemask. India has been able to stop Coronavirus impact with the help and support of citizens. (09:59)- Modi to address India on COVID-19 lockdown and future measures. Will the lockdown end or extend? (09:55)- Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to come live at 1000 hrs IST. While the country struggles to contain Coronavirus outbreak, all eyes will be on PM Modi for his next action plan after the one day ‘Janata Curfew’ and the 21-day lockdown ends. India will not take chance and the lockdown has been extended for 19 more days, till 3 May 2020. Nationwide Lockdown 2.0 will come with more strict measures and guidelines. The Prime Minister has made it clear that the country will not follow a state-wise approach for now by opting for a nationwide measure. Strict actions by authorities may be expected in the coming days till 20 April 2020. The PM has demand greater discipline and has made it clear that the future of an area will be decided on 20 April 2020 when authorities review the area.  
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