Impact of Coronavirus on Global Religious Sites
April 7, 2020 | By - Neelam Motwani

Impact of Coronavirus on Global Religious Sites

With the increasing presence of Coronavirus pandemic globally, social distancing is highly encouraged and suggested to curb the spread. While the signs of proper vaccine are still unsure, governments and health authorities from different parts of the world are already imposing nationwide and partial lockdown in the worst-hit nations. Remembering God and wondering what lies behind the great pandemic and great power is a certain answer everyone might be looking for right now. However, the doors to Almighty might not just be ready yet to be knocked at. Various religious sites and historic places have been shut down across the world amid fears of Coronavirus spread. New measures to combat the spread of Novel Coronavirus have particularly affected religious sites in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Italy.

What is happening in the United States?

Church authorities in the United States have advised worshippers to refrain from hand-holding, chalice sharing, handshakes and hugs during Lent. The Archdioceses of Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Houston and Maryland have issued an advisory to all the church-goers that sites will be shut until further notice. Seems like, people might have to pray to God from their respective homes after all. The Archdiocese of Newark also advised priests, deacons and ministers that they must practice proper hygiene and stay home to maintain social distancing while the world is fighting with Coronavirus pandemic.

Impact on Religious sites in Europe

Religious authorities in Italy have also imposed restriction on Catechism and mass services and gathering across the region The Bishop's conference in Italy suspended all teaching Catechism gathering along with church youth club activities until further notice. The Italian bishops advised worshippers to maintain a respectable distance from each other while praying in the church or even at a small gathering in the house. At the Sanctuary of Lourdes in France, the pilgrimage season was also suspended followed by sealing the pool for people to bathe to heal in Sanctuary.

How is Middle East tacking the religious activities amid Coronavirus?

Speaking of Iran, it is the first in the history that Islamic Friday prayers were canceled in the central cities of all provinces. One of the drastic measures was announced by Saudi Arabia to ban visits for Umrah pilgrimage of Mecca and Medina. The doors of Mecca and Medina closed for the first time ever for the citizens of Saudi along with Muslims around the world. Along with the popular religious sites, the local prayers at different mosques, church, temples, and other religious sites are suspended globally. It is the new era when the fiction of science and mythology of religions come together to fight for one cause, for one reason that is People! Well, the true religion lies behind the alchemy of Humanism. We see the proof of the same when entire planet Earth is fighting together, yet maintaining distance. It wishes for the world to replay the lives once again, to rejoice every normal minute again, to join hands with each other once again! I will be moving over a few of these here to help you to find The first thing that you should remember if you're looking for essay writers is to search for those that offer a sample Studentsshould additionally avoid tutors For this reason, some people enjoy using it as a kind of research journal, or merely to learn about different ideas which have been presented. who have poor testimonials or those that they can't find in person, since a good instructor is essential. of the kind of work they could give. the best essay writing site that will meet your needs.
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