Places to visit in Dubai in April 2020 To Have A Great Holiday Experience
January 23, 2020 | By - Anmol Kapoor

Places to visit in Dubai in April 2020 To Have A Great Holiday Experience

As a tourism hub, many travelers prefer to experience the great middle east. With that in mind, Dubai is often the number one destination for any visitor. After the end of rains and before the warm summers begin, the most popular month for visiting Dubai is April.

With many countries ending their financial year at March end, April gives visiting tourists a time to relax and unwind. Business or leisure, in April there is something to offer everyone visiting. With any outdoor and indoor facilities at their disposal. Tourists visiting Dubai in April are spoiled for choices. 

Places to visit in Dubai in April

Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions is one of the most interesting places to visit in Dubai in April. A popular indoor attraction, and a part of a number of Illusion museum, the biggest one is in Dubai, and offers more than 80 fun filled illusions. A family friendly place, it will definitely play tricks on your mind. You can marvel at different optical illusions such as the ‘Upside Down Room’, on your day outing.

Dubai Garden Glow

Another romantic addition for those visiting Dubai in April, the great outdoors transforms with psychedelic colors. The Garden Glow offers an illuminated display with more than 10 million bulbs, to make it the world’s largest park with the glow in the dark theme. The bulbs glow in different colors and patterns to showcase delightful local and international landmarks, wildlife, and more. It also features disco tunnels and an ice park.

Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world, people witness the architectural marvel by standing in its presence across the boulevards and taking in the majestic view. April weather is great for a ride up to the top, and admire the city skyline. The tower offers many attractions, including its creation history, fastest elevator ride in the world, and photo opportunities.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Home to the largest flower arrangement in the world, Dubai Miracle Garden has a calm environment with a relaxing feel, and is a great place to visit Dubai in April. The place is full and decorated with flowers, and you can enjoy different flowers adorning attractions like an A380 plane, heart shaped lattices in the Avenue of Love, a separate Butterfly Garden.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

A huge amusement park based on the parks theme, it includes three parks named Hollywood based Motion gate, Bollywood styled theme park, and Legoland. There is also a waterpark with over 100 indoor and outdoor slides to entertain tourists visiting Dubai in April, along with a big dining avenue offering various cuisines. The premises also have a hotel that offers world class staying facilities. 

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is a huge waterbody surrounded by views of the old city charm and many places to visit in Dubai in April. Visitors can take Abra (boat) ride to sail across the creek to glide in the sunset while basking in the views of souqs and other buildings, stepping back into older times of Dubai.

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