Tenali Rama — A Basket of History, Learning, Comedy & Drama
October 16, 2020 | By - Raghav Gupta

Tenali Rama — A Basket of History, Learning, Comedy & Drama

When SONY SAB TV, India came up with Tenali Rama, everyone expected it to be a sort of mythology drama coming on air with a lot of preaching. Surpassing the expectations, the production came up with a different yet known form of ‘Tenali Rama’. It presented the title character as a witty and clever scholar who expressed amusement on several issues but would gradually solve each one of them. The laughter and fun engaged the audiences as the show progressed. With over 770 episodes, Tenali Rama is a must watch for everyone seeking to venture out into mythology and antique yet relevant teachings.  AlShorts interviewed Tenali Rama’s lead actors, Krishna Bharadwaj who plays Pandit Rama Krishna and Tarun Khanna, who plays the role of Raja Krishnadevaraya, to dig out from them replies on long-unanswered questions. 

Krishna Bharadwaj highlights his journey 

Bharadwaj shared how his life changed after portraying the role of Rama, who is an eminent scholar, poet, thinker, and special advisor in the court of Raja Krishnadevaraya.   “I’ve become so attached to the character that Pandit Rama has become a part of me. I’ve adopted teachings and values from the character into my personal life, which is a very good thing. The best thing this show has done to me is love and appreciation. Many a time fans reach out to me and express their gratitude for playing the part of Rama. There have been instances when mothers reached out to me to bless their children. This all feels very great,” Krishna Bharadwaj said when asked about his journey and experience with the show. 

Lockdown and Tenali Rama — How Krishna managed days of inactivity? 

Everything paused in India when the country went into a nationwide COVID-19 lockdown on 24 March 2020. From markets to filming everything was stopped as the government asked people to stay at home due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Shooting of TV shows such as Tenali Rama was also paused for several months until the government gave their go ahead.  “Coronavirus lockdown was a relaxation period for all of us as after almost 3 years we got a holiday. I have to shave my head everyday to perform my part in the show. During the lockdown period, my hair grew back and I got a very different look that was missing for a long time. Resuming filming was difficult as precautionary measures were in place. Everything was being sanitized, we were avoiding scenes that required close contact. Everyone in the team performed their part and the things went well.” Krishna said when asked about his lockdown experience and how the team resumed work after month-long closure. 

“I would want to play totally different characters in future” 

AlShorts asked Krishna Bharadwaj if he would want to continue portraying historical characters like Tenali Rama or look for alternate roles in future. Mr Bharadwaj replied that he would want to explore totally different characters in future. “For the future, I do not want to do characters with cute boy face. I would like to try something different like villain, psychotic. I want to grow my hair, build body and start with new roles,” Krishna said.  Tarun Khanna was asked the same question to which he replied: “Definitely, I too would want to do something different. I have already done something very different in the past, starting with negative roles, I have done several roles portraying Mahadev. This show was a welcome change for me as I got a break from playing similar roles. Now, I want to try out something other than mythology such as Game of Thrones but the problem with our industry is no one would want to make a show that costs so much.” 

Watch Tenali Rama Monday to Friday at 7pm IST on Sony SAB 

Tenali Rama is a basket filled with adventure, mythology, fun, and teachings. The show offers a unique yet known version of Indian history in a form that pleases every generation. It is one of the few shows that attract audiences from diversified age groups. Unlike common Indian TV serials, the drama in Tenali Rama is limited to real stories and true presentation.  Krishna and Tarun concluded the interview saying: “Tenali Rama gave us a welcome break. It is not only a break for us but also for the audiences as they can learn a lot while laughing with Rama’s pun.”   
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