Top 10 Smartphone Apps to Track Covid-19
May 22, 2020 | By - Anany Johari

Top 10 Smartphone Apps to Track Covid-19

Over the years, our rapidly growing world has been transfigured with technology implicated by a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. Humans have fabricated wonders with gadgets and tools available on our fingertips. It has paved a way for the next 50 years with multi-operability of devices and usage of the internet. Due to the current scenario in these callous times of this pandemic, this technology has also enabled us to build certain apps to track COVID-19. With the help of GPS, smart imaging and mobile applications, the usage of technology has alleviated the impact of COVID-19. These tools are accessible to the majority of the global population.   These apps are solely developed to monitor the users’ surroundings while assisting them to be cognizant of the whereabouts of infected people. These apps basically help in digital contact tracing. Some brilliant apps to track COVID-19 also have features like suggesting the users about certain precautionary measures to be taken. These apps available on the Google Play Store as well as The App Store succour and aid the people to win the battle against Coronavirus on their end.

Enlisted below are the top 10 apps to track COVID-19 patient:   1.TraceTogether

This app is essential in mitigating the COVID-19 infection and is developed by the Ministry of Health, Singapore. The app, by constantly analysing the community-driven spread of the virus aids the users to safety. Anyone with a valid Singaporean mobile number will be able to download this app from PlayStore as well as the App Store. The app employs Bluetooth proximity signals and tracks other users with the TraceTogether application. It also enables the MOH to analyse the data and keep a better track of the people and prevent a community spread.

 2. CovidWatch

This application augments and narrows-down the work of manual contact tracing. It tests the proximity of the user by enabling the device’s Bluetooth to sense other users in the range. The speciality of this application is its “Exposure Alerts”, which helps the user to take actions based on the information provided. These alerts are anonymously provided to the users. It ensures the users’ data to be secure. This application works better with community downloads and usage, which decentralized Bluetooth sensing and tracing. It is one of the best apps to track Coronavirus.

3.  Kwarantanna Domowa

This is one of the most intriguing apps, developed by the Government of Poland. It is also called a “Home Quarantine” App, as translated in English. The Ministry of Digitization monitors the users in an innovative way. The users in quarantine have to click their ‘selfies’ or digital photos, and track their locations, as requested by the authorities.  The regulations are mandatory who have developed even slightest symptoms of COVID-19. This tool is utilized to monitor if the quarantine rules are violated.

4. The Corona DataSpende

This application is a German development which fetches the users’ vital signs from devices like Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers, etc. It is a smart-tracker that gathers the information and helps assess the status of the community spread of the virus. There is a conjunctive map for added information and results for the health authorities to take obligatory actions. It breaks the information down to the postal code to track the infection spread and simultaneously provide community insights.

5. VirusRadar

Recently launched on May 13,2020 the VirusRadar is developed by Nextsense. It is operated under the Governmental Agency of IT Development, Hungary. It is also under the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Hungary. This app can be used to track the people who have come in close contact with the infected by measuring the distance using mobile Bluetooth. Authorities could get to the doubtful cases by using the phone numbers and sharing the data with epidemiologists to wander about the plausible outcomes.

6. Covid Symptom Tracker

This application has been tailor-made by the doctors and researchers of St. Thomas Hospital and King’s College, London. It is in partnership with Zoe Global. It is used for assessing the information about the spread of the virus, heavy-risk areas in the United Kingdom, and vulnerability to a certain group of people. There have been no further commercial motives yet. However, the application is limited for research purposes only.

7. NHS Smartphone app

This application is to be launched by July 1st, 2020. It is a work in progress under the National Health Service(NHS) and funded by the National Healthcare System of England and designed by the innovation and design unit (NHSX) of NHS. However, this application has still not touched the virtual world now, but will be very essential to the citizens of England to fight this battle with COVID-19. It analyses and assesses the patterns of the spread and vulnerable locations for the infection. It will also check for the frequency of people and movement patterns at a single spot based on the geographical locus.

8. MyTrace/MySejahtera

MyTrace was launched on May 3rd, 2020 and it assists the health authorities in Malaysia to curb the spread of the virus. The application barters the proximity data whenever there is another mobile device close-by. This helps in simpler identification for the people who came in contact with the patients, and tracks the history of close crossovers. MySejahtera is an application built by the NSC (National Security Council) and MOH (Ministry of Health, Malaysia) for providing general information about the pandemic, the statistics and its impact on the people.

9. StopKorona!

The Government of North Macedonia launched this application on May 13th,2020 and is the first country to launch a COVID-19 tracking app in the Western Balkans. It is a rapid action implementation by the authorities to act sprightly on the increased spread of COVID-19. The application follows all the laws of data security and protection by not keeping the users’ data encrypted. The data servers only consist of users’ contact numbers, and are managed by the Ministry of Health.

10. Aarogya Setu

Developed by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and IT, the Aarogya Setu app gained traction by becoming the most downloaded application in the world. The Government of India has made it mandatory to download the application for the private and government sector employees. The application is available on Google Play Store and 6Apple App Store.  With the technology bidding in today’s world, it has made the lives of people facile with the development of apps to track COVID-19. Coronavirus origins may be a matter of debate, but there is no denying the extreme conditions that have risen because of it. With technology bidding and marking a presence in today's world, one can safely assume that it will make the lives of people safer. We hope that as we fight this crisis and wait for the vaccination to become a reality, technology will play its part in safeguarding humanity.
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