Top 10 ways to Save Money in Dubai
June 4, 2020 | By - Anany Johari

Top 10 ways to Save Money in Dubai

Ever planned on landing at the world’s most exotic travel destination? With the world’s tallest building and a magnanimous cosmopolitan culture, this destination will definitely lead to memories worth posting photos on your social media handles.  Yes, we are talking about Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This metropolis will give you chills, as everything that is adventurous isn’t really reasonably priced. You must learn the best tips to save your money in Dubai. You need a life hack to rove to such places without a hard crunch on your pockets. Dubai is a voyager’s castle on the hills, but it arrives at a heavy expense, if you are not prudent enough. Yet, the city caters to people at affordable options as well. All you need is a correct strategy to roam and explore the city at a right time and right destination. There could be innumerable hacks to save your money in a city like Dubai, yet how do you get it by luxuriating in all of the views the city has to offer?   Here are the top tips to save your money as a tourist, while enjoying your leisure time in Dubai: 

Prefer staying in a budget hotel

With all the luxuries in the city, from 7-star hotels to the magnanimous Atlantis-The Palm, Dubai is known for its hospitality amongst the tourists. But, in order to make your trip budget friendly, make sure that you don’t fitter-away a little more on accommodation. The city’s comfort will still provide you with the warmth  even at a budget-friendly hotel. 

Use Public Transport wherever viable 

You do not want to miss out on the best views of Dubai by not travelling in the metro. It might as well help you save your wallet by using the Nol cards similar to a pass for which you need not pay repeatedly. In addition to this, you might choose an accommodation near a station, that will help you conserve and save your money in Dubai.

Pay a visit to the Old Quarter

This place shows indigenous lives of the people of Dubai, in the old city and is quite inexpensive as compared to Dubai Marina and other top attractions. One can wander around and admire locale of the place of early fishermen, which is overwhelming in itself.

Find out places with inexpensive cuisines

Indeed, Dubai is known for the variety of cuisines it has to offer, yet it might not be affordable for everyone. Meals could add a lot up to your budget expenses. But one could hunt down opulent meals while experiencing the exciting routine of people living in Dubai. In fact, asking the residents for an affordable place to eat is an excellent option. After all, who knows the city better than people living there?

Visit a public beach 

Though you must be exuberant to experience the views of beaches in the lands of desert, you might find cityscapes and hotels’ private beaches unaffordable. Yet, Dubai has a number of public beaches like Kite Beach or La Mer with alluring landscapes and delightful graces.

Dubai Parks are a great attraction 

Safa Park and Zabeel Park are some of the most intriguing locations for tourists that visit Dubai. These parks also consist of Dubai Flea Market and Ripe Market. Also, the Burj Park, located in the heart of Downtown Dubai with beguiling spectacle of the Burj Khalifa, along with Dubai Fountain and Burj Lake.

Look-out for free events

The city with its widespread culture, also offers a lot of events like “Tuesday Ladies Night” which grants free entry to the pubs for ladies of valid age. The Dubai Fountain also is a free of cost event, which is a winsome sight alongside the tallest building ‘Burj Khalifa’ and largest mall ‘Dubai Mall’.

Fetch for coupons and attraction passes

There are various deals just if you pitch in a little effort and search for them. The city also accepts a special Dubai Pass applicable for sight-seeing and city’s best attractions at discounted rates and early access. There are countless deals on food and beverages around the city.

Shop at Duty Free to save more 

Located at the Dubai Airport, Duty Free store houses a collection ranging from cosmetics, collectibles to souvenirs and merchandise at a tax-free price. They also offer a variety of deals on different products. 

Visit the Dubai Museum 

The renaissance of Dubai's art and culture is to be found in this museum. With an entry fee of AED 3 for adults and AED 1 for children, this place holds the wonders of the city from its emergence to its paramount magnificence.   Dubai is a city tied up with deserts and waters, which is appealing in its own unique ways. It is one of the most exhilarating travel destinations on this planet. The city offers intriguing infrastructure with panoramic sceneries for people from different cultures and backgrounds. Yet, this place comes with a price to a wanderer.   It takes about AED 7,445 per person per week to spend their time in Dubai. With the tips above, you might have had an idea about how to save money in Dubai as a tourist. When you visit Dubai, with your loved ones, or even out on a solo trip, this place is a one-stop for all your aspirations. Enjoy your leisure time by the best ways to save money on a Dubai holiday.
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