Top 5 Easy tips to Sell Car Fast in Dubai
July 3, 2020 | By - Nisha Joshi

Top 5 Easy tips to Sell Car Fast in Dubai

Dubai and cars have an unbreakable bond, and this is an emirate that offers luxury and smart innovations budding every day. Here anyone can experience luxurious automobiles on the streets, allowing sellers to trade without any stressful encounter. It seems a pretty simple and straightforward task of selling a car and getting money in return. Well, it is, and this guide will walk you through on how to sell a car in Dubai while following rules and regulations.  Before advertising the car for vending, understand UAE, based on principles and laws that need to be abided precisely. Top 5 easy tips to sell cars fast in Dubai will assist you to maximize your profit and keep a keen eye on the areas required.

Here are top 5 easy tips to market cars fast in Dubai amid global recession:-

First impression to make it last -  Visual appearance is key to success, and it’s not just a phrase to read, rather a reality to follow. When everything is running digitally, it is better to have a visual display as it increases the chances and sells your car immediately in Dubai. For a better impression, invest time and money in your car before posting an ad online. Initially, the pictures will attract, not the engine, so make your first move towards the improvement of it. You don’t want five-star hotels to serve food in disposables, right! Have a clear snap with a detailed description of features enabled in the car. Always remember - a picture shares thousands of words, and that could generate thousands of Dirhams for you. Have thorough cleaning and maintenance -  Conventional preservation of cars is required, and with the increasing demand for old models in the market, it is one necessary part. A massive difference is visible, when the used car is fully equipped and maintained, therefore increasing the chances to sell a car fast in Dubai. Determine an attractive price - Know the value of the product that means car before advertising it. A vintage model will hold more value than a newly launched car. Moreover, analyze the situation prevailing in the market like the current outbreak of the infectious virus, recession, and the nationwide lockdown has increased the demand for necessity. Fix the price higher than you want as negotiations are part of the purchase, and an attractive price will fit your pocket and budget of buyer. Research in the market or use online portals to determine the cost. Various factors will affect the price like a model, mileage, and overall condition. Advertise that shouts- Remember, the working process of Dubai is different than any other nation, and in the case of ads, use online portals and no transit advertising. The more you advertise, the quicker your car will sell, and for vast reach use social media. Social media platforms can help you reach the buyer within and outside of Dubai. Prepare documents in advance - When you are looking to sell promptly, someone must be looking to buy it urgently. So, before any further delay, prepare your papers like transfer of registration, termination of insurance, clearance of penalties, and outstanding loans. In Dubai, no one can sell cars with pending loans, fines, and dues, so before promotion, be clear with your papers and terms.

What guidelines to follow before selling a car in Dubai?

  • Transit advertisement is not allowed in UAE, and if you do so, your car will be seized. If at any place it becomes difficult to sell cars on your own, you can reach verified used car dealers in Dubai though the cost will fall from 25% to 35% in value. So, consider them as your last resort.
  • Beware of car scams and thoroughly look at the scams of cars and never accept a personal cheque for the car’s payment.
  • Cars with outstanding loans will not sell as they are still the property of the bank, and it will take less than a week to clear off such debts. Legal action could be taken if anyone found selling cars with pending loans.
  • Complete the transfer process at RTA and adhere to the rules required. Moreover, always keep a copy of registration as proof of transfer.
Final Note - The global market of automobiles suffering enormous losses, the government simultaneously working to motivate growth. Automakers are releasing more and more offers for consumers, recording a shift of human mindset, wherein many people wish to buy cars to avoid close contact situations in public transportation. It can be a good time for buyers to embrace space and convenience with premium and luxury features.
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