5 websites that will get you cheap hotels for a pocket-friendly vacation
October 25, 2020 | By - Raghav Gupta

5 websites that will get you cheap hotels for a pocket-friendly vacation

There is more to Dubai than just being an airport in the Middle East that travellers use for transit. The vision of its wise leadership has transformed the desert into a tourist hub that normally welcomes over 20 million guests a year. At present, it is one of the few places that are open to tourism. As the world returns to normal after the Coronavirus outbreak, Dubai will emerge among the few destinations that gave confidence in recovery when everyone was scared. So, as you plan your Dubai trip, let’s have a look at 5 websites to get a cheap hotel in Dubai for your stay. Tourists arriving in Dubai are required to follow several Coronavirus guidelines. They have been designed and placed to make sure visitors and residents stay healthy. Wearing masks in public places, maintaining social distance and proper sanitizing are a few steps that you can take to keep yourself safe and healthy. With strict health protocols in place, Dubai is the place you would want to visit. As we curate a list of top holiday planners, take a look at How You Can Travel Safely with Children amid COVID-19 Pandemic Here are 5 Websites that you can visit to get a cheap hotel in Dubai.


MakeMyTrip offers many tour packages to help you plan a budget Dubai trip. It offers a variety of services alongside flights, hotels, and trip plans. You can choose from their Budget Dubai Tour package to Luxurious Dubai Tour option. In case, you are not comfortable taking a tour package, try the hotel search option where you can sort available options with price, area, and its stars. MakeMyTrip also has a review option where you can get better insights about your stay in Dubai.


Expedia is one of the best options when searching for a cheap hotel in Dubai. The website runs several deals and promotions throughout the year to help you save more. Trips should not be a pain on your pocket. You can also book a cheap flight from Dubai Airport and around on Expedia. It also offers bundle of Dubai flight and hotel packages along with customized vacation package features. For travellers looking at peace of mind, Expedia is a good option to explore.


Whether you are struggling to find a cheap hotel in Dubai or pocket-friendly flights to your favourite destination, Skyscanner could be your best friend in the process. The website aggregates several options and compares them to you. It then presents the hotels or flights with different pricing on various portals for you to choose from. Skyscanner is quite popular among the expat population in UAE.


Kayak is a travel agency and a metasearch engine that compares hundreds of websites for you. It presents results in several forms to suit your needs. The company has included several new features in its listings, including COVID-19 safety norms. Now, you can see how the hotel you are staying at is following measures to keep you safe and healthy.


Musafir is a Sharjah-based travel agency that offers customized travel options. With its UAE roots, the brand has a number of options for Dubai tour. Whether it is your visa application or cheap hotel in Dubai, Musafir can assist you in every possible way. Holiday packages on Musafir are extremely popular among tourists. The company also runs many offers and promotions throughout the year to help visitors stay in their budget while visiting their favourite destination. A budget Dubai trip is easily possible if you manage your stay and expenses with the help of modern tools. These are only a few options that are available in the vast Dubai market. Due to its positioning and seasonal footfall, Dubai enjoys excellent tourist arrivals almost every season. Whether it is about visiting the world’s tallest building or sailing in a mall, Dubai & UAE can give you a variety of experiences, to begin with. Still not convinced over a choice of hotels? Read about 7 Best Five Star Hotels in Dubai A trip during COVID-19 pandemic might be scary for many but safety measures placed by authorities in Dubai and UAE have made your dream trip a reality. As countries move to establish new normal of travel, these websites for a cheap hotel in Dubai will help you find the accommodation you are wishing for. Tourists may also check permit and visit regulations for Abu Dhabi and nearby areas to get a more immersive UAE travel experience.
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